A United States Patent confers the right to preclude others from making, using, selling, or offering to sell the patented invention. Protecting that right should be a priority for all businesses that develop proprietary technology. Because Austin Rappattorneys are experienced in all types of technology and the laws that protect it, they are well suited to prepare, file and pursue or “prosecute” patent applications on behalf of their clients.

Our attorneys are registered patent attorneys with experience in the rapidly changing mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer and biotechnology fields. We have successfully obtained patents on inventions ranging from chemical compositions and processes, medical products, and pharmaceuticals, to sporting goods, optical-measurement equipment, and aerospace technology. Our lawyers also routinely obtain intellectual property protection in the fields of computer software, electronics, biotechnology and the mechanical arts.

Taking advantage of international conventions and treaties, we have successfully employed cost-effective approaches to obtaining and protecting our clients’ patents around the world.