Austin Rappspecializes in intellectual property and franchising law. This includes the preparation and prosecution of patent, trademark and copyright applications as well as related licensing. The firm also handles litigation involving intellectual property law disputes in both state and federal courts and is experienced in alternate forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation.

The firm also provides counseling and representation of clients in litigation relating to other forms of intellectual property such as trade dress, trade secrets and common-law trademark. In the area of franchising law, Austin Rapphas extensive experience in the structuring of franchise relationships and in the preparation of Offering Circulars and Franchise Agreements as well as the monitoring and updating of those documents in each state in which the franchisor is offering franchises. Additionally, the firm represents franchisors and franchisees in disputes arising out of the franchising relationship.

A United States Patent confers the right to preclude others from making, using, selling, or offering to sell the patented invention. Protecting that right should be a priority for all businesses that develop proprietary technology. Because Austin Rappattorneys are experienced in all types of technology and the laws that protect it, they are well suited to prepare, file and pursue or “prosecute” patent applications on behalf of their clients. Read More
Trademark law protects the commercial relationship between a product’s owner and the name or symbol used with that product. Trademark owners can be protected indefinitely, as long as they use their trademark properly on a consistent basis in commerce. Read More
An author’s creative expression is protected by copyright law. Although copyright does not protect ideas or prohibit independently created works, the copyrighted work cannot be reproduced, distributed, or performed, and other works cannot be derived from it without the author’s permission. Read More
Trade Secret
Trade Secret Law protects a person’s valuable and confidential business information such as proprietary processes and business information. The owner of the secrets can indefinitely prohibit others from wrongfully acquiring his secrets, as long as the owner takes reasonable steps to maintain their secrecy. Read More
Properly written license agreements can preserve the licensor’s control as well as the value of the licensed intellectual property while providing royalties or other compensation to the licensor. Read More
International Representation
Intellectual property laws vary from nation to nation, but a global network of laws and treaties facilitates protecting patentable inventions, trademarks, and copyrights throughout much of the world. We routinely assist local and international clients to obtain foreign and domestic patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Our association with respected law firms throughout the world allows us to assist our clients in obtaining and defending intellectual property rights on an international basis. Read More
In some situations, a lawsuit may be the only recourse to stop another company from infringing your patent, trademark or copyright, or from misappropriating your intellectual property rights. Our attorneys have substantial litigation experience, both enforcing their clients’ intellectual property rights and in defending them against charges of infringement. Read More